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Mahamat’s Love Story

For HAS staff, their day-to-day duties go beyond a call to work, it is a call to save lives, end suffering and elevate all those around them. They feel the pain their community feels every day. They take it home with them and it emboldens their resolve to keep going. It is a love story.

This is Mahamat Koutami Adoum’s love story. As HAS Senior Manager of Integrated Community Services, Mahamat oversees indispensable programs like water, sanitation and hygiene, the reforestation program, and a network of community health clinics and health care workers.

I love this country. Yes, it does have its problems, but I want to contribute to changing Haiti for the better in any way I can. I am from Chad and my wife is Haitian. My children are Haitian. It is very important to me that they are aware and proud of their heritage.”

And HAS staff, like Mahamat, will never stop trying to improve the health and well-being of their community. “Our Integrated Community Services department had a lot of work to finish from 2017 and we also completed all the work projected to happen in 2018. We raised the bar within our departments and worked as a team to save cost.”

But HAS staff cannot do all they have to accomplish alone. You are the reason Mahamat will be able to take his Integrated Community Services department even further in 2019. “Our donors are a source of strength for us. Every year they put their confidence in us and they keep us going.”

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to HAS before December 31. Mahamat has a clear and concise vision for what 2019 could bring to his department:

“You donation allows us to plan our programming in a way that is truly ‘integrated.’ It is so important that the program areas – health clinics, community health workers, reforestation, and WASH programming are working hand-in-hand in order to produce high-quality results within the community.”

“Your donation can allow us to create a truly integrated department, so that all program areas are working hand-in-hand to produce high-quality results within our community.”

And that high-quality result for his community is what Mahamat will always strive for. It is his love story for his neighbors and his country.

Please consider making your gift today, and help Mahamat and his team reach and serve more people in need.

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