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I would like to volunteer my time and services at HAS. How can I receive more information?

Medical personnel interested in volunteering at HAS should contact  Find more information about volunteering here.

All other interested volunteers should email HAS U.S. Administration office at

Is there a language requirement for volunteers?

While the majority of our patients speak Haitian Creole, our doctors all speak French and English as well, so we find that our volunteers are able to be effective with a high level of English skills. However, those volunteers who know some French or Haitian Creole may find their time at HAS to be more fulfilling.

What are the costs associated with my visit to HAS?

HAS is unable to cover the costs of airfare to Haiti, but does occasionally waive the costs for housing and transportation from the airport in cases when the volunteer’s services are especially needed. After your application is received and processed, you will be contacted regarding these fees.

Will HAS provide transportation from the airport, and accommodations?

HAS does provide transportation from the airport, and houses medical volunteers in a guesthouse located a short walk from the hospital. The guest house has water and electricity 24/7, and the house staff provides three meals a day, maid service, and laundry service. Due to the high volume of volunteers we receive, you may be required to share a room.

Who will I be working with?

HAS operates with a full-time, fully Haitian staff, so arrive prepared to be part of a previously existing team. We ask that volunteers prepare to adapt to a new hospital system and remain open-minded and inquisitive during their time here.

Additional Questions?

No problem!  Please email with your questions and comments, and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Equipment Donations

I manage a US-based NGO which refurbishes medical equipment. How can I find out if HAS needs any of this material?

Please contact Nellie Player, Purchasing Specialist at or by phone at 412-326-0090. Once it is determined that HAS can utilize the donated equipment/supplies, you will be notified as to where this can be shipped. Please keep in mind that medical equipment should be refurbished, and have an operating manual.

I have cleared a donation of equipment/supplies with HAS and want to know how to ship it to Deschapelles, Haiti?

To ship your approved donated equipment/supplies, contact HAS shipping coordinator, Nellie Player by email at, or by phone at 412-326-0090. She will then instruct you as to the location the donated supplies should be sent.


I notice that the legal name of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti is The Grant Foundation d/b/a Hôpital Albert Schweitzer. What is The Grant Foundation?

The Grant Foundation is the name of the original institution founded in 1953 by Larry and Gwen Mellon. Because the hospital is the core program of our organization, we have branded it accordingly, using HAS, which of course stands for Hôpital Albert Schweitzer.

What is Haiti Friends? Is it different from HAS?

Haiti Friends is a separate 501c3 organization, and is not an entity of HAS.  Haiti Friends recently announced a name change.  They are now Haiti Friends.

Does a gift to the Haiti Friends support the medical mission of HAS?

Unless you specify that you restrict your gift to support the medical mission of HAS, a gift to the Haiti Friends will support programs and activities selected by the Haiti Friends. The Haiti Friends currently supports an agroforestry program administered by HAS. Because it is not legally registered as a support organization of HAS, the Haiti Friends also may use donated funds to support programs and other organizations that have no connection to HAS.

How do I make sure my gift will support the medical activities of HAS?

For U.S. donors, the best way to ensure that your gift will support the medical mission of HAS is to give directly to HAS through the U.S. Administration Office of HAS, the sole fundraising office of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti in the U.S. Ninety percent of every donor dollar supports our medical mission.

You can make your donation to HAS online here or by sending a check made payable to HAS to the following address:

HAS Haiti
U.S. Administration Office
2840 Liberty Avenue, Suite 201
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Donors in Canada and Switzerland may support the medical mission of HAS through HAS support organizations located in these countries.

Where can I learn more about Haiti?

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