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French Red Cross Crucial in Helping to Combat Cholera Outbreak

After the rains comes an increased risk of spreading waterborne illnesses, including cholera. Until August, HAS had not seen large numbers of cholera cases this year but the number of cases began to climb with 15 admissions by the end of the month. From September 1 until now, HAS has seen 112 cases.

From day to day, communities all over Haiti struggle with access to clean water. Add to this the heavy rainfall and flooding from the recent hurricanes, and many water sources can easily be contaminated with cholera. Suddenly, families are put at risk as the disease spreads rapidly through unsuspecting communities.

HAS continues to have new cases admitted to the cholera ward daily, but our response would not have been nearly as effective without the help of the French Red Cross (Croix Rouge Française). With their partnership, we have been able to combat this resurgence of cholera in major ways.

To date they have provided HAS with:

  • 11 cholera beds for HAS’ cholera treatment center
  • cleaning supplies/solutions to prevent the spread of cholera as family members and staff move between the cholera center and community spaces
  • funding for 6 additional nurses to care for the increased number of patients (for 20 days)
  • funding 6 people to help with additional housekeeping/decontamination work needed as part of treating cholera
  • funding for a physician to staff the cholera ward full-time, reducing the likelihood of spreading cholera into the hospital wards
  • funding to complete minor repairs/renovations to the cholera treatment center to better treat patients and ensure cholera does not spread past the ward

We thank the French Red Cross, and many of our own general donors, who have contributed to saving lives during this outbreak.

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