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Community Health Workers are Vital to HAS Education Initiatives

nursingCommunity-based education is a fundamental part of everything that we do.  We collaborate with the community in providing this education, enabling individuals and groups to build capacity to improve their own health and quality of life.

HAS has a team of 42 excellent community health workers that form the backbone of our public health activities.  Among their varied jobs, which include administering vaccines and screening children for malnutrition, is education both on a group and individual level.  Community health workers perform home visits for the hundreds of households in their district at least once a year, speaking to families about important health topics.  Additionally, they conduct a collective average of 280 community health posts, during which they also give group education about important subjects like cholera, nutrition, and prenatal care, among many others.

Community Health Centers and Mobile Clinics are Sources of Information and Care

HAS community health centers and mobile clinics provide primary care, including pediatric, adult, pre- and post-natal care, as well as testing, minor wound repair, and malnutrition treatment.  Additionally, HAS nursing staff deliver daily group education to patients in waiting areas, and provide relevant information about each patient’s individual situation – be it pneumonia, cholera, or diabetes – during a consultation.

Teaching Communities About Clean Water and Sanitation

educationThe HAS Water and Sanitation team has been bringing clean water and better sanitation to the people of this district since the 1960s, with activities ranging from drilling wells to hand-washing projects to filter-building.  Every activity is coupled with community education so that the projects will be sustainable.  Community members learn how to maintain the finished projects and form a committee for their maintenance.  The team has a dedicated “animator” who helps ensure that citizens know how to prevent disease through drinking clean water and proper hand-washing technique. The team also organizes nearly 30 large community education sessions per year.

Leveraging Global Celebrations for Education

HAS takes the opportunity to recognize world celebrations like Global Hand Washing Day (October 15) or current or seasonal public health threats like cholera to concentrate on the same themes throughout all activities.


Help HAS reach more communities with health education that can save lives.  $10 funds a community health worker’s efforts for one day.

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