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Reproductive Education and Healthcare for Women and Girls

18Haiti has a high unmet need for family planning – at least 35% of women would like to delay childbearing or space their births, but lack access to modern contraceptive methods. Because of this need, Haiti is a priority country for the global Family Planning 2020 initiative hosted by the United Nations Foundation. Among adolescent girls (ages 15-19), the unmet need for sexual and reproductive health, including family planning, may be as high as 56%, and an estimated 14% of adolescent girls in Haiti have at least one child or are pregnant.

HAS provides sexual and reproductive health information, counseling, and services to adults and adolescents at our community health posts and all four of our community clinics, including a range of modern contraceptive methods and the education to help women and adolescents make informed choices. We also make significant efforts to create awareness and prevent the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections through community outreach and daily education sessions in the reception areas of our community clinics while patients await clinicians.

Pre- and Post-Natal Care

Providing the highest quality maternal healthcare for pregnant and postpartum women, including adolescents, is a top priority for HAS. Routine pre- and post-natal care and education is offered through our community health centers and mobile clinics, and the hospital provides specialized prenatal care for those with high-risk pregnancies.

Maternal and Child Health

Haitian women and girls die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth at rates vastly higher than those in any developed country. The majority of births in Haiti occur at home, which can prove deadly for high-risk patients needing specialized care. Through community-based programs that provide prenatal screening and counseling and by making high-risk obstetric and neonatal care available 24/7, HAS is significantly improving maternal and child healthcare outcomes. HAS is the only healthcare provider in its service area that can offer advanced, life-saving care to mothers and babies who need it most.


Help us reach more women and girls with vital reproductive health education.  $72 funds the work of an HAS community health nurse for a week, enabling counseling and distribution of contraceptives.

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