As we celebrate 65 years, we invite you to join us in looking back on all that we have accomplished together. Here we have gathered some of our favorite photos and documents from the archives to show you how HAS has evolved through the decades while remaining true to our mission of treating every patient with respect and compassion.


A Destiny to Serve in Haiti

HAS began as a dream of Dr. Larry and Gwen Mellon. Inspired by the work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, they made the bold decision to uproot their lives, pursue a career in medicine, and build a hospital in rural Haiti. On June 26, 1956, they opened Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti in Deschapelles. Through the hard work and dedication of many others, HAS has grown into a highly effective healthcare network that continues to be a model for healthcare delivery in the developing world.


The Legacy Lives On

If you have visited, worked at, or donated to HAS, you have played an important role in our enduring story. You have made the dream of our founders your own, contributing your compassion and generosity to a vital mission. Do you have a favorite memory or story to share about HAS? We would love to hear from you!

65th Anniversary Blog Posts

“May the flame of “Reverence for Life” continue to burn until it has consumed us with a sincere and profound concern for all life that suffers.”

Larimer Mellon at the Dedication of Hospital Albert Schweitzer at Deschapelles, Haiti on December 11, 1954