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HAS Honors Board Member Louise Stephaich at New York Event

077HAS board members welcomed long-time donors and special guests at a private reception in New York City April 25th.

Some 70 people gathered to learn more about the hospital’s progress and priorities. HAS Board Chair John Walton welcomed guests,and seized the moment to publicly recognize HAS Board member Louise Stephaich for “her extraordinary ability to connect people from all backgrounds and areas
of the globe together, in service of furthering the mission of HAS.”

“Louise, we are so impressed by your extraordinary dedication,” said Walton. “We want you to know how grateful we are for your commitment, passion, and advocacy for HAS. If Albert Schweitzer was right that those who serve are the ones who are truly happy, I know then that you must be among the happiest people I have the privilege of knowing. “

Among those in attendance: Joseph Azrack, Abigail Congdon, Andrea Stephaich, Chloe Squires, Justin Patterson, KK Auchincloss, Countess Anne-Marie de Ganay, LeGrand Mellon, Martha Lear, Beth Daniels, Leila Shakkour and Mike Thorne, Mary and John Blasi, Richard Vestal, and Farley and John Bills.

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