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Lab Testing for Diagnosing Disease and Illness


Accurate lab data is frequently of paramount importance in diagnosing disease, and in Haiti, where diseases such as TB are relatively prevalent, an excellent microbiology lab can be pivotal in public health management.

HAS is fortunate to have a microbiology lab with 11 technicians and an array of testing equipment that provide the ability to diagnose a wide range of diseases and illnesses.  Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the lab is the only one in the Artibonite Valley region with the ability to do culture and susceptibility testing for most common bacteria.

HAS regularly receives requests from neighboring clinics to conduct tests ranging from renal and hepatic tests to H Pylori and Widal tests.

The HAS microbiology lab is also a resource for the Haitian healthcare system.  The lab works with the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on testing for emerging diseases, such as chikungunya, as well as other diseases seen in Haiti, such as dengue, malaria, and leptospirosis.  HAS will work with the CDC in the future on meningitis testing.

HAS technicians receive microbiology training, and regularly attend specialized training sessions at the Haiti National Lab in Port-au-Prince to enable them to test for diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.


Your dollar goes a long way at HAS, where as little as $88 funds an entire day’s supply of basic medications for the entire hospital.

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