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Providing Safe Blood for Transfusions

The HAS Blood Bank is one of just 14 in the entire country of Haiti, and is recognized as a reliable source of blood for patients who need transfusions in this region. Ensuring that the HAS Blood Bank remains stocked and ready for emergencies requires constant recruitment; otherwise, HAS would not be able to provide transfusions for all who need them.

We are able to maintain adequate stock largely through education. HAS blood bank staff members regularly go to schools to speak with young people about the importance of donating blood. We stress the difference that a blood donation can make by noting that HAS saves 72 lives per month through blood transfusion. HAS accepts blood donations from people ages 17 and older, and encourages young people to donate as early as possible.


Your gift at any level will help the HAS Blood Bank continue to serve a population of more than 350,000 with safe transfusions.

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