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Jimmie’s 2018 Recap

With 2018 quickly coming to a close, we asked our resident Physical Plant Director, Jimmie Tinsley, for an update. Jimmie and his team manage all of the electricity, water, renovations and maintenance for the hospital, campus, and community health centers.

For all our projects, logistics is front and center; procuring and shipping supplies in a cost-effective manner is the first step to success of the projects and daily operations of the hospital.

Our four main projects for 2018 were a great source of pride and accomplishment.

Firstly, we designed and built a more robust potable water system at the hospital, called Well 5. The system in place before was more than 60 years old. Late in the project, we experienced a catastrophic failure in the old Well 4, so we had very little water. Because of the new Well 5 project we had an opportunity to hook up the new Well 5 line with the old Well 4 line, thus providing more water to the hospital, campus, and community at large. Approximately 200 people worked on the project, with Boss Vital and Boss Odama as the master plumbers. 30,000 people now will have continued access to safe drinking water.

Secondly, we replaced all the existing hospital lighting with more energy efficient LED fixtures and bulbs. This reduced the power and fuel by half of the existing usage. This was a somewhat simple project, but it was incredibly rewarding to see the immediate difference in power usage for a hospital open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Thirdly, working within international team efforts, two Swiss engineers Christian Hassler and Christoph, directed the Swiss Solar Upgrade project. By installing solar panels on our hospital and other community buildings, we were able to maintain and improve upon our existing power grid infrastructure. Working on the hot roofs with the Haitian staff workers, Christian and Christoph not only physically worked on the project, they also instructed, trained and answered questions from the other workers. That ongoing learning process was something very special to be a part of.

Lastly, we are currently working on the first stage of the repair of the power grid, from the distribution panel to the consumer. While we were in the process of working on the power grid, an accident occurred that proved to us how important it is to have a modern system. A truck went through the campus and ripped down one of the power lines, leaving the campus without power. We had to mobilize very quickly! Rosslet Estime was on call for the week as an electrician and led the project and created a plan to get the campus back online.

As you can see from this very condensed update, there are many, many people involved in keeping HAS running smoothly. As director I cannot say enough about the personal, Ricardo Longchamp, JoJo Cene, Mirana Michaud, Wisly Joseph and Nellie Player. Their work ethic is there 100% of the time.

Going forward I would like to be able to provide staff the opportunity to work at a higher level by attaining more knowledge of the sciences, engineering, healthcare, and more broadly, knowledge of the world around them.

From my heart, directly to yours, thank you for your ongoing financial support of HAS. Your contributions mean we can keep HAS running 24/7 for all the patients who need help. And we get to implement new technologies to make sure that happens. How amazing is that! 

Thank you, my friend,

Jimmie Tinsley

P.S. There is still time to make a 2018 tax-deductible donation now.

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