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A Message from Deschapelles: From the Desk of Miss Guerline

As we approach the end of 2017, we asked a few key staff members to reflect on what they were most proud of this year, and what they hope HAS can accomplish in 2018.

First in our series is one of our midwives Miss Guerline, Head Nurse in our Maternity Ward.

“The HAS Maternity Ward has accomplished much this year! As of the end of November, we had already had a total of 1,430 deliveries at the hospital, 551 of which were done via cesarean.

Next, we excitedly welcomed students from Midwives for Haiti, who participated in two-week clinical rotations in the Maternity Ward. It is interesting to have students with us because everyone comes with a different skill set. We all learn a lot from one another.

Finally, our first social service midwife was placed in the Maternity Ward for one year, providing more support to the mothers who come to us for care.”

“My wish for 2018 would be to add an additional nurse to our team. During busy times nurses are often called away from other services to assist us.”

Miss Guerline

Treating mothers and babies with dignity, respect, and care is at the core of our mission.

You can support Miss Guerline’s hard work and ensure that we are able to help all families that come to us by making a tax-deductible gift by December 31. Every dollar truly makes a difference.

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