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A Message from Deschapelles: From the Desk of Miss Rolene

As we approach the end of 2017, we asked a few key staff members to reflect on what they were most proud of this year, and what they hope HAS can accomplish in 2018.

Next in our series is Miss Rolene, coordinator of the HAS Community Health Centers.

“We had an incredibly successful family planning initiative this year reaching almost 10,000 women. With support from the Gates Foundation and FP2020, we conducted 8 campaigns throughout the year to accelerate the use of contraceptives and thereby mitigate the impact of the Zika virus. Ultimately we provided contraceptives to a total of 2,615 women and adolescent girls, and of these women, 43% chose long-acting, reversible contraceptive methods.”

“My wish for 2018 would be able to continue with more targeted campaigns for family planning to build on the success of this year. Every single person we reach can make a difference.

We would also like to ensure that all children are completely vaccinated by age 1.

Finally, my team could use an extra car to ease the transport of staff and materials to remote health clinics. We are limited by our transportation right now. The farther we can go, the more people we can reach.”

Miss Rolene

With your help, we can continue to share vital information with the women of our service area, and ensure that we are able to bring health to the people.

You can help us to reach more families with vaccines, education, and support by making a tax-deductible gift by December 31.

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