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A Message from Deschapelles: From Jimmie Tinsley

As we approach the end of 2017, we asked a few key staff members to reflect on what they were most proud of this year, and what they hope HAS can accomplish in 2018.

Third in our series is Jimmie Tinsley, Physical Plant Director. Jimmie and his team manage all of the electricity, water, renovations, and maintenance for the hospital, campus, and community health centers.

“The highlight for me this year was completing the expansion of our Emergency Room, which was funded by USAID/American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) (above, our medical staff poses in front of the new expansion). The roof alone took 21 hours of nonstop work. Workers and community members hauled more than 25,000 buckets of concrete to pour the roof. Each bucket weighed more than 25 pounds, many team members were barefoot, and all worked continuously even through the night. It was a feat of both strength and stamina to make this happen for HAS, and I was very proud of what we accomplished together.

I also like that this was a project where you can really see the results. My team works hard behind the scenes to support the healthcare provided by HAS. In doing so, we try to maximize our efforts to be more efficient at saving the pennies and reducing costs while still effecting change for the better so our patients can receive quality care.”

“Next year, we will be diving into a few large projects, and there are many more needs that depend on potential funding. We will be starting Phase 3 of the solar energy project, funded by the Swiss Partnerschaft, which is very important to reduce our annual fuel cost and optimize the power grid.

Thanks to generous donors, a new deep water well and generators will be implemented in 2018. These projects will make our system more robust and sustainable. I’m grateful because we need these improvements to help with some of the most pressing problems with our aging infrastructure.

Finally, we are always looking to the future and hope to launch a five-year infrastructure plan to keep us moving forward. I hope the people who believe in me and my team will continue to donate and stand with us as we work every day to improve the conditions for patients who depend on HAS.”


There is still time to help Jimmie and his team this year. Please consider making a making a tax-deductible gift by December 31. A donation of any amount will make a difference.

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