“My continuing support of HAS is to honor the memory of my husband, Wally Rogers MD 1939-2009, whom I believe worked for short periods in 3 different years at HAS in the 1970s and early 80s. He was a humble and highly qualified and respected pathologist who specialized in tropical medicine. He used his vacations from his regular job to travel to volunteer in hospitals where he thought his expertise would be useful. Albert Schweitzer was an inspiration to him…We believe the work HAS does is critical. HAS is named in my will.”

Delight Gartlein

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For more information on including HAS in your estate plans, contact Karen Slevin at karen@hashaiti.org or 412.361.5200.

Please let us know of your intentions to give a legacy gift so that we may recognize you in your lifetime.

Legal Language

Legal Name: The Grant Foundation d/b/a Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti

Incorporated Address: PO Box 110091, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA

IRS Tax Identification Number: #25-1017587

Built to Last

Founder Dr. Larry Mellon built an aqueduct to supply the hospital with water in the early days. Clean water is a cornerstone of HAS’ public health legacy. It could be yours, too.