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A Self-Sustaining Haiti

A self-sustaining Haiti is possible as organizations collaborate with the government of Haiti to realize progress in education and economic development.

Haiti has already come a long way in its recovery from the massive 2010 earthquake. As Sean Penn noted in a recent opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal: “Port-au-Prince, the capital city, has made remarkable progress. Nearly all of the 10 million cubic meters of rubble that buried the city have been cleared from the streets. More than 90% of the almost two million people left homeless have moved from tent camps to more permanent housing.” Haiti’s education system is also becoming stronger. According to a recent White House report, “More Haitian children are in school than ever before, including 60,000 students who were able to return to school following U.S. construction of more than 600 classrooms.”

The Haitian Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training in Haiti has said it aims to get 1.5 million students into school by 2016, in addition to improving the quality of schools and training more teachers. There is also a plan to provide publicly funded, free, basic education to students, which would roll out through grade 9 by 2020.pyramid

For the past 59 years, HAS has been focused on helping to improve the foundation of a healthy economy: public health.  We are furthering this goal through the treatment, prevention and care we provide, and by strengthening the Haitian healthcare system.


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