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Our Strategic Plan

Our Aspirations

HAS aims to exceed international standards for the reduction of illness and premature death through a focus on integrated family health care. To do so, we will:

  • Increase maternal and early childhood survival by emphasizing the first 1,000 days of a child’s life to:
    • Reduce neonatal mortality;
    • Reduce complications of pregnancy;
    • Reduce severe acute malnutrition;
    • Fully vaccinate 90% of children.
  • Reduce disability and death due to traumatic injuries.
  • Improve continuity of care and capacity across the full spectrum of HAS services – from our network of field clinics and hospital to our community educational, environmental and ecological outreach programs.
  • Promote public health through economic and infrastructure development programs, particularly in the areas of clean drinking water, sanitation, and agricultural initiatives.
  • Ensure equitable access to health care for the most vulnerable populations, regardless of location within the district or ability to pay.
  • Establish measurable objectives for each of the above goals, supported by mechanisms to evaluate outcomes and adjust programs.

In pursuit of its aspirations, HAS must:

  • Attract, train and retain qualified Haitian professional staff.
  • While sustaining our role as a referral hospital, collaborate with other Haitian and international organizations – government and private – in the development of preventive and curative programs, policies and practices.
  • Update the demographic and service quality data for the primary service area.
  • Evaluate the benefits of establishing a Haitian NGO to enhance local engagement in the fulfillment of the HAS mission.
  • Upgrade and ensure consistency of staff training.
  • Grow and sustain philanthropic and grant income coupled with sound long-term investments.

To maintain services at their highest levels, HAS must renovate and replace where necessary the basic supporting infrastructures and exploit new technologies, including:

  • Refurbish, renovate and expand the physical facilities and campus to accommodate patient needs and staff accommodations:
  • Maximize our energy infrastructure by incorporating the best in affordable, efficient technologies.
  • Modernize aging sanitation and sewage systems.
  • Ensure the security of all facilities by upgrading our security systems.
  • Upgrade out-of-date telecommunications and information technology systems to maximize efficiency and resources.

Our Goals

In our journey to a self-sustaining Haiti, HAS ensures its own sustainability through improvements to five interconnected operational areas.


Invest in Development

Broaden the HAS donor network and significantly increase donor support

Improve Management

Improve processes, especially budgeting, planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Strengthen Organizational Government

Add appropriate expertise to the HAS Board while strengthening and clarifying organizational policies.

Collaborate and Partner to Maximize Efficiency

Pursue partnerships and integration with government and other health agencies whose goals and vision align with ours.

Assure Quality Services

Continuously improve diagnostic, preventive and clinical services, while upgrading basic infrastructure and technology


Your gift at any level can help HAS meet an increasing demand for care and help sustain the hospital for future generations.

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